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Personal Injury – this includes any type of injury no matter how caused.  This is my main caseload at this time.  I have always handled injury cases from the early days of my practice.  I have seen the impact car accidents have on people’s lives, and it is one reason I am a very cautious driver.  I will help you navigate through the healing process and the follow up to make insurers pay what they have promised to pay in their insurance policies.  It is surprising to me how resistant insurance companies are to simply honoring their contracts. 


Litigation – this includes just about any court room fight.  I’ve tried to a jury claims for breach of contract, quantum meruit, disputes between business owners, landlord tenant disputes, evictions, false arrests, auto accidents, child custody cases.  I have handled far more variety of cases that did not go to trial: Trusts, Will contests, DTPA claims, Un-insured Motorist claims, fire insurance claims, nuisance actions, and all manner of torts.  In short, if you are looking at a case that is in the court system, I am the sort of lawyer you need.  I am detail oriented. 


Criminal Defense – I cut my teeth trying criminal cases; they used to be the majority of my practice.  So I can still get involved in a case when needed.


Family Law – This area of the law touches all of us at some point in our lives.  I have handled a divorce or child custody matters at all times in my career. 


General Civil – I call myself a “generalist” as opposed to a “specialist” because most real world problems people face do not fit nicely into one specialty.  It helps to have broad experience when advising people on what the laws are, and what course of action to take in a given situation. 




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